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Knowledge is Power. I see everyday as a new day to learn new information that helps me to succeed in an ever changing world. Try some of the techniques mentioned below to help assist finding your inner calm. As part of our session I will link you to print and online resources to further empower you in understanding and overcoming the blocks that have arisen within your life. 

Yoga by the Sea
Buddha Statue
Diet Plan


Connecting with nature is the simplest way to bring ourselves into the present moment. Whether it is yoga by the ocean, walking barefoot on a grassed area or viewing pictures of past holidays or places you wish to visit, taking in the beauty of the natural world helps to disconnect from the stresses of the corporate and materialistic realities of modern life. 


Taking time to stop and breathe slowly in and out 5 - 10 times has been a technique I have used in classrooms to relax children  who are experiencing highly emotional reactions. Meditation can be challenging for some, but focussing on your breathing and nothing else, is something we can all do. Hypnotherapy is about relaxing the nervous system and tapping into the subconscious mind to access memories.


Diet and nutrition have a huge impact on your physical and mental wellness. Just eat real food! Chemicals found in processed food, perfumes, deodorants, household products are all contributing to increased lifestyle diseases in first world countries. NJK Hypnotherapy will support you in making steps to leading a cleaner, sustainable lifestyle that reduces your carbon imprint on the environment and improves your overall health. 

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