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Intuition can be referred by some as the second brain. The Universal Brain is close to intuition, but refers to when multiple people think the same thought at once. Animals such as birds flying in a flock or lions engaging in a group kill use the Universal Brain - they all know what actions to take without communication. Even women who find themselves menstruating in synch can be considered utilising the Universal Brain. Another term

for the Universal Brain is Collective Consciousness.

Setting goals should be based around your intuition. Noticing and recognising those signs, such as ear prick ups, aha moments, repeated synchronicities or getting goosebumps are all examples meant to guide you along the right path. Even fear and anxiety can at times be your intuition telling you something, such as physical danger is imminent. We need to be properly tuned in to know the difference to what is or isn't our intuition trying to support us, and usually the more we trust our intuition, the more it improves.

Children are often taught at a young age to override their intuition in the form of being polite, or having doubt cast by an adult. How often have you seen a small child recoil from someone that you know can be prone to anger or negativity? Babies rely solely on their senses, and this awareness begins in the womb, with they're strongest sense being hearing. Intuition can often also be affected by negative emotions - either from within or as a result of gaslighting or abuse from others. Learning to trust yourself is paramount to ultimately trusting others. As the old saying your gut!

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