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Making the unfamiliar, familiar

Change is difficult. Many of us are creatures of habit, and find comfort in what is familiar, even when it is a uncomfortable situation. We can become so used to things being a certain way, that even if we want to heal, we are resistant to making those changes. It is when you are willing to make the unfamiliar familiar (or equally, in reverse, the familiar unfamiliar) that progress can happen. So what does that mean?

Imagine a person wanting to lose weight, but they are caught up in a cycle of unhealthy eating, limited exercise or excessive drinking. That is what is familiar to them. What is unfamiliar to them might be a daily walk, including more water as a beverage, eating breakfast. But by making small, incremental changes, that are initially unfamiliar, it can eventually lead to big happy changes!

A client might come to me for hypnotherapy for depression. Regression reveals painful memories of witnessing distressing events between their parents. The feeling of helplessness as a child leads to thoughts, and then behaviours, that love or safety within close relationships is not available to them. So they attract the wrong person again and again - or remain in an unhealthy relationship, hoping to "change the ending" from the memories they have, but ultimately are just reinforcing that tagged belief that they will never be able to be happy. And that lack of success leads to depression.

We all have the ability to make changes in our lives from what we don't want to what we do want. If you think you need support with that, hypnotherapy is the answer for you.

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