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New knowledge that is Old knowledge

By my teens I was very interested in what was labelled the 'New Age' genre. I avidly read my horoscopes, researched astrology, started getting palm and tarot readings and was quickly categorized as a hippy by my family. It took me many years to wonder why it was called New Age, when it fact so much, if not all, was ancient knowledge. I also went through an atheist phase, declaring there was no higher power (family members laughed at me and told me I had much to learn) before coming full circle, though not quite to the pious levels I displayed as a little girl!

As human beings we are all on a journey to our true selves. Every single cell in our body, as well that that surrounds us, including Mother Earth (or Gaia) is made up of energy and consciousness. We cannot separate the mind from the body as they are interconnected. Our sense of self is often connected to our nervous, digestive and endocrine systems. Our immune system is much like a floating brain moving all though our body. Our feelings can directly impact our immune system. How many times have you experienced nervousness manifesting as a stomach ache or headache? Or know of someone who has experienced high levels of stress leading to an ulcer or a heart attack or a stroke?

Authenticity means being in touch with our emotions. When we can resolve our emotional baggage we ultimately then depend less on health care to solve our physical ailments. Most of the oldest religions incorporate prayer, meditation or yoga as daily practice to clear the mind and strengthen the body. Too many people tell themselves they are time poor and forgo balancing out time for themselves from their busy work day. If you have taken the time to read this (thank you!) stop now and take 10 deep breathes, just focusing on breathing in and out of your nose. What difference does that action make? Maybe your heart slowed down? Maybe you let go of a negative thought? Maybe you thought about what you want to have for dinner?!?! Ok, maybe that's just me thinking about dinner!

Everything that is old is new again! Breathing is as old as the hills, but are you breathing consciously?

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