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RTT Success Stories

When completing my studies, there was a requirement to "attend" 6 (online) Masterclasses run by Marisa Peer. Overnight I set my alarm for 2:30am, only to realise I forgot I don't live in a Darwin time zone anymore! So I re-set it for 4am, in order to attend the monthly Alumni Masterclass, these ones being run by RTT graduates.

Last night I was inspired to learn of a RTT graduate based in Slovenia who has treated patients who were in comas and their families were told there was no hope for them. Through consulting with family members, she was able to create audio recordings that were played through an iPad in their hospital room with information specific to the physical healing they needed to make a full recovery. Many came out of the coma the next day, and continued the healing process at a conscious level. One woman, whose parents had contacted the RTT therapist as a last resort before switching off life support, found that not only did their daughter regain consciousness the next day but after 2 months she was sitting up and 3 months able to get into a wheelchair. Her complete recovery took a full two years, and they finally met in person after 18 months. Without knowing her therapist's face, she instantly knew her voice, and was able to recite the audios she had been sent almost word for word (new and updated recording were made to reflect what aspect of her healing was being focussed on by medical staff).

Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind. Whilst hypnotherapy would never replace the knowledge and experience of medical experts, it can work alongside them to support physical and emotional healing. I often would say to kids in my classroom "If you think you can, or if you think you can't, either way you are right". Self belief is something we might have in bucket loads in some aspects of our life, in others be severely lacking. We are all a masterpiece in progress.

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