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Smoking - the emotional connection

Whilst hypnotherapy can be used to support and heal a myriad of physical ailments, anxiety or trauma, the most common reasons people seek it out is to lose weight or give up smoking. Why is it that many can't stop smoking on their own? Mostly, because they've forgotten the emotional thought behind what made them start in the first place. Fix that and the desire to smoke will fade away.

Some smokers will link their smoking to confidence, or being cool, or it is triggered by drinking alcohol. All of those examples though, are not cases of someone simply being "born that way". What baby, 1 hour after forcing their way through the birth canal, sits back and thinks "Well that was stressful, I think I'll have a cigarette to calm me down!"? In fact what child ever sits back and thinks, "When I grow up I really want to waste $400 a week on something that is destroying my lungs". Never! Somewhere along the way an event happened, and that person attached a particular meaning to it, and cigarettes became the answer to solving that problem, until smoking became the problem itself.

Can't make a decision? - have a cigarette. Want to be more social with the outside smokers? - accept a cigarette. Missing a friend? - have a cigarette to remind you of what you used to do together. The unwillingness to give up smoking can actually be about what it represents for the person, rather than the action itself. Hypnotherapy is all about understanding the why, rather than relying solely on will power. If you know someone who wants to stop, and feels like they've tried everything, ask them if they've tried hypnotherapy?

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