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Weight that won't shift

The tools and techniques of RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) within a hypnotherapy session doesn't promote diets or calorie counting, it's about finding the role of the weight in the person's life. It was the reason I sought out hypnotherapy, as my weight would yo yo and whenever I was close to the final stage of success I wanted, I would self-sabotage, denying myself what I wanted most. As it turns out, I was punishing myself, because there was a belief in my subconscious that felt I didn't really deserve it.

Are you someone who eats their feelings? Whether that is when you are sad, or happy, or both? Many people are destructive eaters. Food brings insulation or protection. A common theme that arises for women who are overweight is that hypnotherapy reveals previous sexual trauma or abuse, and the subconscious will add weight to the body to make it appear less attractive to predators. So all the calorie counting in the world is not going to fix that, when the mind believes it is keeping the body safe (and we all inherently act in a way that is about survival)

Or maybe you are an addictive or habitual eater? And that you have been programmed from a young age to finish everything on your plate because of the starving children in Africa your parents warned you about. Or because you want dessert. So even after you get the signals that you are full, you are ensuring you finish your plate so the guilt doesn't kick in for wasting what you are lucky to have. These long held subconscious beliefs can be fixed with hypnotherapy. Once you understand the reasons for your thoughts, then you can take action to change and make it permanent.

So ask yourself, how is the additional weight working for you? Possibly in the past it was about protection or punishment, and you know that is not helping you anymore. Rather than eating your feelings, learn to speak your feelings. Or replace an addiction with a healthy option - e.g. going for a walk, drinking some water, doing some yoga. The answers are within you, waiting to be unlocked from where you have hidden them.

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