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Why can't I quit?

So often addictions are bound up with managing anxiety. An addiction can be anything that takes you from a bad feeling to a good feeling. Whether it's smoking, drinking, online shopping, gambling, sex, food or gaming, there's a trigger first. And for some, a behaviour then steps in to ignore that feeling/trigger. And if repeated enough, eventually a habit is born.

The empowerment here is that if you started it, you can also stop it. Hypnotherapy is about finding out that original reason and feeling that has been filed away in the recesses of your sub conscious mind. It could be a positive or negative event that occurred, that has now become associated with a certain behaviour that might have helped in the beginning, but now has become more of a hindrance.

Do you imagine your life free of addictive thoughts or behaviours? Contact NJK Hypnotherapy to discuss how I can help.

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