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Why does the same shit keep happening to me?

When we create self limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviours for ourselves, our mind then works towards making those thoughts, beliefs and behaviours your truth. Not until healing through self reflection will changes occur that mean those thoughts, beliefs and behaviours no longer feature in our everyday life. So what is an example of that?

Imagine as a young child you were subject to harsh and critical words from an adult in your life. Whilst as a child those words may have not registered too deeply in your conscious mind, they were developing deep roots in the sub conscious mind. So even when that person may be long dead, as an adult, those words may be haunting your thoughts, then your beliefs and ultimately your behaviours. So, for example, having been told as a child you weren't good enough, weren't going to amount to anything, were stupid/ugly/fat etc, then you start to think that about yourself and believing it. Then your behaviour begins to reflect those thoughts and beliefs e.g. failing at school, substance abuse, toxic relationships. Why? Because you're convinced subconsciously that you're not worthy of success, happiness or loving relationships.

When you decide you've had enough (and unfortunately some people never get there) healing those core wounds means understanding how and why those thoughts, beliefs and behaviours originated. Hypnotherapy is perfect for that, as it accesses the subconscious mind, where those old memories are still residing, seemingly long forgotten. In understanding that, those feelings of unworthiness, feeling unlovable or that nothing ever works out for you no longer have a place in your life. And with that lesson learned, those people who reflect back to you those old beliefs, thoughts and behaviours stop having any genuine influence on you, as they no longer align with your upgraded beliefs and values. You know your worth, you know you deserve better and you know it's achievable. Everybody deserves happiness. But if you feel you aren't truly happy, it's up to you to find out why you haven't reached it. You owe that to yourself.

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